3 Keys SC Horz 5

You are a wildly ambitious, highly driven, successful badass at keeping it all together and getting it done

You are fiercely devoted to being your best self, but at times – more often than you’d like to admit – you feel alone and lost in the dark…..Weighed down by the the heaviness of unfulfilled longing and dreams for unbridled happiness and epic love that is far beyond anything you have known before.

You’re done with merely going through the motions and living from the neck up in what feels like a dull, disconnected way of being…..one that sometimes even feels like a slow death.

 It is your birthright to

Feel whole and deeply at home again in your own skin

And to rock your life with the savvy, sovereignty, and self-possession

of a true Goddess, Queen, and author of your own life

My name is Salona and I am here to….

Remind you that you are wildly feminine at heart, and it’s time to finally blossom into and truly embody who you are at your core.  Let me support you in truly feeling that aliveness sparkle through your veins and emanate from your pores like never before


I get it sister, you may feel…

  • trapped inside all the structure and dedication that has gotten you this far and has brought you the success you’ve achieved

  • as if you have no idea how to get what you’re actually craving out of life.

  • that depth of fulfillment, connection, love, delight, and pleasure that you know lives outside of

    all that you’ve organized your life around 

This is because I too was challenged by…

  • Feeling as though I was missing out and utterly unhappy.

  • There was a deep and relentless emptiness I was experiencing that consumed me.

  • All the ways I was striving to BE better, DO better, and FEEL better were all done at the expense of my feminine aliveness, joy, and soul-deep fulfillment

And now I am here to serve women by …..

Truly seeing them and understanding what it is they are seeking before they even need to speak it in words.  And then provide them with the roadmap, the action plan, and the practices to support them in actually living again.

Ultimately, it’s about living YOU fully. And living a life that truly feels like yours by design.  A life that is infused with your feminine soul and a reflection of your most luminous self….and all of the woman you came here to be.

It’s time to crack that armour you’ve been living inside and experience a greater sense of divine wholeness, expansion, and passionate devotion to your soul’s purpose and the expression of your unique essence.




“My mission is to empower you to liberate your deepest desires and unfurl the treasure of your fullest self-expression, so that you can live each day with the passion, freedom, and commitment to be all that you came here to be.”




“Working with me is taking the sacred journey back to wholeness and into your most divinely inspired life. There is a way to experience the kind of inner freedom, expansion, and self-expression you crave.  I’ve chosen to dedicate my professional life to assisting women around the world in connecting with their innermost beauty, sacred purpose, and personal joy in life, so that they may express their highest potential while leading radiant, enriched lives.”




“Salona is a captivating speaker.  She tells her personal story and shares her message with raw emotion and pure heart.  Inviting her to your event will be just the inspiration that your audience needs to jump out of their seats and take bold steps forward in both their professional and personal lives. Prepare to be moved, inspired and transformed leaving with the knowledge that you too can liberate yourself to live life fully.”




“Coaching with Salona is the best investment I’ve ever made! If you are interested in altering any element of your life, take the first step and let Salona’s coaching move you towards the expansion and fulfillment you desire.”




Come fully alive in your purpose
Find absolute freedom in your own skin
Embody your most courageous self in the life you deeply desire
Fulfill the potential you’ve always dreamed of

Intrigued? I invite you to take the first step …possibilities




Are you ready to fulfill the potential you’ve always dreamed of and step into your most courageous self-expression in a life you love?

Salona offers complimentary 30-minute Discovery Sessions to women who are ready to stop playing small and take their lives to the next level while stepping into greater clarity, confidence, and purpose.