Copy of Copy of Copy of Now is your time to unlock the doordividerTo work with me is to take the sacred journey back to wholeness and into your most divinely inspired life.


Are you feeling totally burned out, trapped in inertia, waiting for your life to start someday instead of truly enjoying the freedom of being fully expressed in a life you love now?

Do you long for more depth, meaning, and purpose in your everyday life?

Are you ready to stop playing small and follow your soul’s calling, without letting your fear stop you?


There is a way to experience the kind of expansion and self-expression you crave …

A path to feeling lit up, radiant, and unstoppable!

I would love to help you get there…


Beloved Sister, are you ready to liberate yourself into the deepest soul-stirring fulfillment you can imagine and that you know deep within your being is what you are here to experience?


You know you’re capable of so much more than you’re actualizing and you can’t shake this haunting feeling that you’re wasting your life.

You’re hiding in shame, because you’re not where you envisioned you would be by now, and your life does not reflect the potential you’ve been carrying for so long that’s still screaming to get out.

You can’t seem to find the courage or drive to step out and create a new momentum….the momentum you know your soul is here to embody in this lifetime.

Copy of Now is your time to unlock the door

Liberate yourself into the deepest soul-stirring fulfillment you can imagine and that you know deep within your being is what you are here to experience.

You no longer have to live in terror of reaching the end of your life with all your brilliance still trapped inside of you.

Instead, begin living into your fullest potential of radiating confidence, feeling grounded in clarity, and embodying your divine essence.Copy of Now is your time to unlock the door copy

dividerCopy of Copy of Now is your time to unlock the doorThere is a path to liberation.  While the path is unique for each individual and not always linear, here is a guiding roadmap of the most powerful journey you will ever take back home to your essential self and unshakable wholeness.

1.The Call

Get radically honest about what’s not in alignment and step into radical self-responsibility

2. Self Forgiveness

Alchemize shame into self-possession

3. Wake Up From The Illusion

Come to see the truth of your inherent sacred wholeness and divinity

 4. Transmutation

Mindset mastery & self-loving discipline

5. Anchor into Sacred Purpose

Connect with your unique destiny

6. Permission to Expand

Respond to the evolutionary impulse for a liberated life

7. Soulful Devotion

Surrender your ego and lean into the pull of your sacred assignment and the impact you are here to create that is more than yourself

dividerCopy of Copy of Copy of Now is your time to unlock the door



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I totally get it, Sister, which is why I am deeply invested in loving you and holding you in the most loving, compassionate, grounded container for you to go deep as you explore all facets of your being – even the deepest recesses that have not seen the light of day for a very long time.

I know you may have felt misunderstood in your past and  have been hiding and terrified from sharing any of this.  But, I totally understand where you’re coming from and I’m not going to leave you half-ass.

I’m not here to tell you what to do or to fix you.  You’ve never been broken.

What I am committed to is providing you with potent and provocative questions to unlock your own understanding, unique wisdom, and deepest knowing along with amazingly powerful coaching techniques to support you in moving out of this and into a life that truly feels like YOU.

Through our work together, you will start realizing a fire of devotion and a power you never thought you had that will propel you forward into a whole new way of being in yourself and the world.

No matter what happens, I’m not leaving.  We’re going to figure this out together.

I’m fiercely committed to being there in relationship with you all the way, so that you feel totally safe and held as you’re navigating through what can feel like a very scary process.

You will know your truth more than ever, open to new levels of possibility,  and discover what you have been placed on this earth to embody and the impact you are here to fulfill.


“Salona’s clarity, commitment and ability to hold a safe space have helped me to open up and dive deep into my own shadows and into exploring my true essence. As a result of working with her, I feel a new level of freedom, I know myself so much better, and am so much more confident and authentic in all areas of my life.”

-Katja Vincent U.K.







Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Now is your time to unlock the doorUnconditional self-acceptance and self-love are a woman’s greatest asset and the source of her freedom, uninhibited self-expression, and the fully-realized embodiment of her highest potential.

We are always where we are meant to be, and there is a deeper purpose to everything we experience even if we don’t see it or know it at the time.  

When we release all feelings of brokenness and move into a place of embodying and knowing our divine perfection in our own bones, then we can’t help but fall in love with ourselves and our lives as a reflection of that exquisite divine perfection.

We came into the sacred temple of our bodies to experience the freedom, pleasure, and fulfillment of being all of the woman we were born to become and to be fully-expressed in a life we love.

More than anything, we desire to know our unshakable wholeness deep in our bones and to be so plugged into the destiny we were put on this earth to embody, so that we can’t help but become fierce leaders, intuitive priestesses, and fully sovereign beings.


“Salona is a force not to be reckoned with and one of the greatest coaches I have ever worked with!  She really fights for you and your success in all ways.”

-Ryan Bailey


A little more about me – your guide:

As a self-realization coach, transformational guide, and embodiment facilitator, I guide women on the journey into radical self-love and back to their essential wholeness.  I am passionate about supporting my clients onto the path of their soul’s most magnificent unfurling, so they can experience the fulfillment and freedom of being fully-expressed as all of they women they aspire to become.

Through my body-centered approach, I empower my clients to experience the meaning and purpose they crave by intentionally creating an authentic, inspired life of their choosing.  I teach a profound set of processes to support my clients in uncovering the true self by releasing the limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep us stuck and under-realized.  As a result, they are able to heal from deep-seated shame, move through fear, and into their most courageous selves, so they can liberate their fullest potential, while doing their soul’s sacred work in the world.

My divine mission is to empower women around the world in discovering their innermost beauty, divine purpose, and personal joy in life, so that they can embody their unique brilliance, while flourishing in living radiant, enriched lives.


Love notes from dear clients:

“Salona’s unique way of getting me to see things from a new perspective through your thoughtful questioning and nurturing spirit has lead me to new places.  I am more spiritually connected to myself as a result of our work together. Thank you for allowing me to grow into the person I always was but never letting me do it alone!”

-Edna Valentino

“Salona’s mentoring has been extremely powerful in helping me grow and truly align my soul in the most effective, and even sacred, ways.  The outcrop is tremendous, appearing on the horizon of my life goals.”

– Melissa Makris


“My coaching experience with Salona was truly transformative.  With her support and holistic guidance, I now have the momentum I needed to fully embrace my process and re-invent the areas of my life that weren’t working.”

– Betsy Bell






BookNow-2Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Now is your time to unlock the door

To explore the possibilities and pathway for you to get there