Salona praise




I was amazed by the deep, shifting results I experienced with Salona’s coaching.  She took an issue I had been grappling with for some time and, within two sessions, helped me to shed the layers.  As a result, I gained a new eyeglass I now peer through when this issue digs in it’s claws and I no longer experience it’s grasp.

Salona offers clean and direct coaching.  Her style brings forth grounding and truth. As a coaching colleague, I respect Salona’s commitment and high standard to our coaching craft.  She has my full endorsement personally and professionally.signature5


Salona’s loving presence provides a welcoming invitation to go deeper into discovering the truth within.  Sometimes this truth is hidden from view by inner blocks.  Salona holds the space to see those blocks without judgement, and that is a gift.

Bobbie Sumner

Pheonix, AZ



In working with Salona, I felt heard, seen and empowered.  I would look forward to our calls, because I still felt the magic from the call before.  When I felt overwhelmed, she always had a way to help me sort it all out.  My life would feel so much more spacious as a result.  It was such a relief!  Salona is not only a coach but a great friend as well.signature8


Salona is a force not to be reckoned with and one of the greatest coaches I have ever worked with!  She really fights for you and your success in all ways.  As a result of working with her in the last 5 months, I have sharpened up my goals in both my professional and personal life.  I have taken huge strides in my business while reducing my stress, spending more quality time with my children, deepening my relationship with my wife, and enjoying the ride even more. I look forward to continuing our sessions.  You are so gifted!

Ryan Bailey

Marketing Consultant and Corporate Leadership Coach

Atlanta, GA



Salona is a captivating speaker. She tells her personal story and shares her message with raw emotion and pure heart. Inviting her to your event will be just the inspiration that your audience needs to jump out of their seats and take bold steps forward in both their professional and personal lives.signatur1


Salona Carlisle shares her very personal challenges from her past to motivate and inspire her audience to embrace the magic that lives inside each of us. She fills the room with her infectious uplifting spirit and encourages women to let go of the need to be perfect and celebrate who they are as is.

Kerry Turner

Life Coach – Author – Speaker


Salona speaks with such authenticity and depth – in a way that allows the audience to truly feel moved by her words. Her message is very captivating and clear, and you can feel her passion to share it with the world.



I found Salona’s peaceful presence, insight and exercises in setting goals very helpful. Salona jump started my need to find creative ways to take time alone to breathe and dream. Thank you for that!

Susan Carillo


Coaching with Salona has truly been a wonderful experience!

Before I started working with Salona, I didn’t really know what I wanted. I wasn’t clear on my goals. Even with the ones I had, I didn’t know how to achieve them, nor did I have any idea what was standing in the way of my achieving them. Now, instead, I feel like I have focus and that everyday has purpose. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin and I feel truly happy with who I am. 

My biggest breakthrough has been a new found confidence. I have a renewed energy and enthusiasm for life…one that has staying power. I’m more vigilant and self aware, making those choices that are best for me because I now honor myself so much more than I ever have in the past.

I now believe in myself and my ability to change my life for the better!

I have gotten such solid and real results that I now have Salona working with my staff in my company. They love her and now exude a newfound enthusiasm for their work and life.

Michael Lodato

My coaching experience with Salona was truly transformative.  Salona helped me to quickly identify the sources of my “less than fulfilled state” and supported me in discovering greater clarity and a fresh perspective around action steps necessary to make the life changes I desired.  Our coaching sessions offered me the framework, holistic guidance, and momentum I needed to fully embrace my process and re-invent the areas of my life that weren’t working.

Betsy Bell

Wellness Coordinator for US Surgical Corporation

Westport, CT



Your life coaching has been quite powerful in helping me grow and truly align my soul in the most effective, and even sacred, ways.  The outcrop is tremendous, appearing on the horizon of my life goals.signature6


Salona, from day one, I felt that you always had my best interests at heart without judgement or criticism.  Your unique way of getting me to see things from a new perspective through your thoughtful questioning and nurturing spirit has lead me to new places.  I am more spiritually connected to myself as a result of coaching with you for over a year!!! (I can’t believe it!)  Thank you for allowing me to grow into the person I always was but never letting me do it alone.

Edna Valentino

Philadelphia, PA


Before i began working with Salona, i was feeling very chaotic and pulled in different directions, without purpose. Salona helped me put things in perspective, create an attack plan for all that I needed to do, and, in the process, I was able to streamline my priorities.  Now, as I prepare to enter a new season of my life and a new career, I feel confident and excited.

Grace Bailey

Holistic Health Coach

Atlanta, GA



Salona’s talk was so vulnerable and real that it instantly allowed me to see how I can be more alive. Through her own story, she illuminates the small and big ways in which we can start to allow ourselves to see, feel and enjoy life. And lastly, Salona’s heart-felt talk connected the room with a very human experience and desire—both men and women could relate to.



Salona’s workshop was an intimate gathering where possibility was abound. Journaling and sharing our intentions for each woman’s path, listening to our bodies and molding our dreams with thoughtful encouragement and presence of mind. Salona created a platform of trust and integrity with her calm and peaceful guidance. Her powerful processes grounded our group and brought us deep inside ourselves in new and surprising ways that allowed for greater self-awareness and opportunities for expansion. It was a magical and inspiring event that transpired thanks to Salona’s ability to lead with grace and compassion. I am so grateful for the experience.

Danielle Taylor


I had an amazing experience with Salona during our creative workshop. She is an intuitive leader/speaker and encouraged me to tap deep into my thoughts and desires. I left the experience with a bigger picture direction of where I want to be going with my career. I am immensely grateful for my experience and recommend to others!!

Shauna Pickering


From the beginning, Salona shares a gripping story of self discovery and transformation. Although the exact manifestation of what she experienced may be somewhat different, everyone on some level can relate to the challenges along the journey of being a woman. Salona tells her story poignantly with passion and grace and takes us on a journey of the darkest night of the soul. She shares how we can turn on our light to be the brightest we can be. Prepare to be moved, inspired and transformed leaving with the knowledge that you too can be free of self judgement and liberate yourself to love yourself and live life fully. Salona speaks from the heart and will touch yours through her message of faith, hope and transformation.

Lorraine Maita

MD President and Medical Director



I love the way Salona is able to calm my waters. When working with her she helps me to give myself the time and space to fully arrive within me and focus on what is presenting itself in this moment, even if I have just been in drama. Her clarity, commitment and ability to hold a safe space have helped me to open up and dive deep into my own shadows. As a result, I feel a new level of freedom, I know myself so much better, and am more confident and authentic in all areas of my life. I am very grateful for your wonderful contribution to exploring my true essence. Thank you so much for supporting me on my journey!