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For Women Ready to Have a Love Affair with Their Life

“Salona is pure magic” ~  Jen Trulson

You may appear to have it all together, but deep inside…You’re suffering from an unsatisfied hunger for more…

More success

More abundance

More aliveness

More intimacy and

Long lasting fulfillment

Perhaps you’ve been feeling burnt out on the self-help treadmill in a cycle of striving but never arriving.

Maybe you’ve lost any sense of joy or aliveness and may even be on the verge of giving up on your dreams and aspirations. 

Your biggest fear may be reaching the end of your life without ever having truly LIVED.

And, you are SO done with feeling as though you’re missing out on all that you know you were born to experience, and you’re desperate to find the way out.

I know where you are, beloved sister, because I’ve been there. I know how painful and empty life can feel when you’re trapped inside yourself and unsure of how to get to what it is you’re deeply desiring.  

But, I learned something really important – essential, in fact – to realizing the inner power that allows you to fully embody that life we all crave. 

When we crave more out of life, what we’re really craving is more of ourselves.

…You’re in the right place at the perfect time

You already have the keys to your own freedom and soul-deep fulfillment right in your own hands.

I will take you on the journey of soul-stirring expansion as you discover the deliciousness and satisfaction of the unbridled self-expression you know you’re here to experience.  

It starts with uncovering parts of yourself that you forgot you have and landing into the temple of your truth and into the depths of your EMBODIED FEMININE ESSENCE.

You will discover a whole new way of living as a woman and of being in the world…one that will leave you in awe of yourself as you realize the utter magnificence of your life.

The experience of yourself and the life you desire is so much closer than you think. 

I’m here to guide you back to the truth that you already have everything you need to be all of the woman you aspire to be right now.

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“You don’t have to wait a moment longer to experience the unspeakable joy and divine rapture of the embodied freedom to be fully self-expressed in all the ways you desire.” – Salona

“Salona’s coaching has opened up a doorway into staying rooted in my Being. I can now easily find that place inside me, in any moment, that allows me to feel happy, peaceful, and loving.” ~ Joanna Labadie

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