If you have felt any overwhelm or stress about the start of 2016 and pressure to figure out what you should be, could be, or would like to be doing or being differently because it’s a new calendar year, then this message is definitely for you. And, if you prefer to listen instead, go ahead and hop on over to the podcast here.

Have you figured out your resolutions yet? Or your new year intentions? And then your goals for your health, your relationships, your career, your family, your self-care, and every other category of your life?


I know, as I’m thinking about it and writing it all down, I can already feel my stress level and heart rate rising.


The turn of the new year is such a rich and fertile time for reflections, re-evaluations, healing and forgiveness, closure, gratitude, and then reigniting our inspiration, desires, and dreams to empower and fuel our direction, expression, and purpose. And, what I know to be true for myself, is that it can also be a time when we can easily experience feelings of pressure, disappointment, shame, failure, longing, and confusion, especially if we haven’t arrived at where we hoped we would by now or we haven’t gotten the clarity around our intentions and roadmap for the upcoming year to the degree that we would like and perhaps expect of ourselves.


Can you relate?


Over a decade ago, I met a woman who truly was living a charmed life. A few years later, I heard her being interviewed. She candidly talked about never having been one to do intentions or work with the law of attraction or deliberate creation. Yet, what she said was, she knew in her bones, and it was her lived experience, that she was living a life more magical and magnificent than she could have ever imagined and created.


Can you think of people who are outrageously happy and deeply at peace who have never set a goal or written an intention in their life? And, yet, life goes their way. Things work out for them. Their joy is contagious and their contentment is palpable.


So, if you’re feeling any kind of incompletion over what last year was or wasn’t – or any angst about not having figured out exactly what you want to do, be, feel, have, experience, embody, or step into – or that you didn’t get all your answers and reflections done on the winter solstice or by the time the clock struck midnight on Dec. 31st………


I invite you to rest in the knowing that, above all else, your soul knows where she is going, where she wants to go, and exactly what she requires to get there. Your soul is vaster than a certain time of day or a date in the calendar. Your soul’s journey is not at the mercy of the planets and stars either. As a divine being and infinite soul, you can’t get it wrong, you can’t mess it up, you can’t be too late, or miss the deadline, or be held up by what planet is where.


What difference would it make for you to connect with the wisdom that what is meant for you is always available in the exact right timing? The question is……are you ready, open, willing, and available to receive it? In other words, are you energetically aligned with having, being and experiencing it?


No, this is not a trick question. But, it is definitely tricky and challenging to answer for ourselves moment-to-moment, because of the blind spots we all have. And, this is what I love supporting my clients developing more clarity around. So, if you have confusion about this in your own life and would like some support, definitely reach out or go ahead and grab your complimentary Energy Alignment session here.


And, for now, return to that place in you that knows this truth, that knows she already has everything she needs and that she is the source of anything she desires to create – with or without a goal, intention, or resolution. She lives on no matter what.