Have you ever noticed how even a 1 degree shift in attitude or perspective can totally change your outlook on a particular situation or on life in general?

While it’s not always clearly black and white, and we may oscillate between the two depending on the hour, the day, the season, or the situation we find ourselves in, there are generally two attitudes we walk through our lives with – one of “Yes” and one of “No”

So which lens are you predominantly viewing yourself and your life through?

• Seeing the glass half full or glass half empty?
• Embracing the opportunity to recreate or only seeing failure?
• Never having enough or being in gratitude for what you already have?
• Celebrating where you’re already succeeding or judging and shaming yourself for all the ways you don’t measure up and aren’t “there” yet?
• Noticing what is lacking or what is going really well?
• Focusing on the pain or looking for the pleasure?
• Open to the experience of the journey or attached to the outcome?

You get the idea by now.

Since my personal tendency has definitely been one that initially veers easily and automatically to a “No” first and then eventually comes around to more of a “Yes” with enough reframing and conditioning of that muscle, I have had to be extremely vigilant in my attitude and re-wiring.

Why is this important work to be reminded of and to perhaps re-commit to?  Because, if you’re feeling trapped, or stuck, or frustrated because of a gap you face between where you are and where you desire to be, the key to transforming your experience and creating the life you desire resides in shifting this attitudinal lens to be more and more aligned with the “Yes” frequency.

If there’s something you desire to experience, have, or receive in your life that you’re not already, that thing or outcome or person can only come in through the vibration of “Yes”.

First, our desire must be based on an intention that is positive, affirmative, expansive vs. one that is based in getting rid of, moving away from, escaping out of, or contracted.

Second, all parts of ourselves on all levels need to be available and in full alignment with experiencing it…..in other words, be a “Yes” to actually receiving it into our 3-D reality.

Third, the Universe and whatever it is we’re desiring has to be a “Yes” to us

So, can you see how any way you choose to look at it and whatever direction the flow needs to go, it comes down to being some version of the energy of “Yes” – as in open, flowing, receptive, expansive, affirmative, inspired, aligned, available, already good, full, and whole while also available for more and better?

We need to be a “Yes” to ourselves and our lives – as in loving, compassionate, accepting, positive, grateful – in order for Life to be a “Yes” to us.

So, where can you step into being more of a “Yes” in this moment, this day, this week?  How can you start telling yourself a new story about yourself and your life in a way that invites expansion and possibility rather than contraction and deficit?

No matter how dark, hopeless, despairing, depressing, discouraging things may seem, there is always room for at least a 1 % shift in perspective that has the capacity to unleash a whole new, elevated vibrational frequency and, in turn, a significant up-level in the amount of freedom, choice, and power that becomes available to you.

What will your 1% look like this week?