Have you ever been convinced that joy was out of reach and nowhere to be found?

Or have you ever been in such funk that you were just unwilling to see it, recognize it, or let it in?

Or, maybe you’ve been so busy chasing it out “there”  that you’ve become a such a fast-moving target….unavailable to even be found or reached by joy itself.

I, myself, can raise my hand to all of the above 😉

Which is why…..as you may have noticed, I am so passionate about those practices and tools that have the power to instantly and automatically put us back into the driver’s seat of our lives and into the throne of our most authentic power and potent sovereignty.

Because they are what I have needed, continue to seek out, and reach for the most as a result of my own sensitivities to challenging times, or my tendency to forget the choices available to me in each moment, and my growing desire for more freedom and easier access to feeling good no matter what.

As tempting as it is at times to wait and want to be saved, rescued, or comforted by someone or something else outside of us, there really is nothing more satisfying, empowering and self-loving than being the source of and generating your desired experience – and, and especially one that maximizes the joy available in each and every moment.

Whether your joy meter is off the chart these days or you’re struggling to keep the needle above a 1 or 2, today’s podcast is for you.

So, whenever you’re ready to exponentially amplify the joy that is already alive and well within you OR you’re ready to rediscover and ignite the joy that has felt dormant and elusive, head on over HERE to listen and try out these “joy-power” practices for yourself.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear!