So what do I mean by false aliveness?  Today’s podcast explores just that.

But, let’s start with……
~ How often have you reached for your phone or checked your email when what you really needed, desired, and craved had absolutely nothing to do with what you thought you might find there?
~ Have you ever gotten a rush from racing through your day, trying to cram more into a short period of time, or attempting to meet a last minute deadline?
~ Do you ever find yourself in this place of not enough – “I’m not enough” or “I don’t have enough” – time, money, love, possessions, beauty, space, freedom, support, or you fill in the blank…..
And then you click into this mode of chasing, seeking, running after something or someone out “there” to fill this void or hole that can feel so bottomless at times?
So, what do all these states have in common?

They all trigger the same biochemical reaction in our body and nervous system of stress, fight-or-flight, and survival, which means that our body is pumping the stress hormones of cortisol and adrenaline – and sometimes even the feel-good neurotransmitter of dopamine that gets released if we manage to get everything done in time, meet the deadline, or get a new email – through our system…..all of which can be highly addictive

What can end up happening, as a result, is that we can become more accustomed to and even stuck in the experience of “not having” or  “never actually getting or arriving” or “never actually allowing ourselves to receive a deep sense of fullness and satisfaction”.  This familiar groove ends up being the baseline that feels more normal and safer to us, because it’s the pattern that our neurology has played out again and again and again.   That which we think we need in order to feel ok in the world remains this perpetually moving target.

When we’re running on false aliveness, we’re coming from a place of incompleteness, of feeling incomplete, hungry, and disconnected from a true sustainable source of meaning and joy that is aligned with our divine purpose.

So how do we get out of this cycle of deprivation, disconnection, and emptiness and then get plugged back into the source and wellspring of authentic, sustainable, and lasting aliveness and joy?

Head on over to listen in to today’s podcast and let’s explore this together.

Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear!