Happy Spring Equinox!

I still can’t believe spring is already here!  

Sometimes, the momentum of life can feel so fast that, when looking back, a day – or even a whole week – can feel like a complete blur in retrospect.  Does that ever happen for you or is it just me?

How often do you actually stop and reflect on where you’re precious life force is going in any given moment, hour, or day?  Do you ever consider moment-to-moment whether your energy is empowering your desires or blocking them?

As I’m sure you can relate, I’ve always been passionate about elevating the quality of my life in all ways.  I find that for myself and my clients, we are very careful, selective, and mindful about how we tend to our bodies, our diet, our sleep, and self-care routines.  We’re conscious and disciplined about maintaining our external space and internal space in a way that supports us to be at our best.  Yet, the area of our mental hygiene tends to lag behind the other areas where we’re much more diligent and conscious.  

In this week’s podcast, I go into some of the symptoms that can show up when we’re not as attentive to our mental hygiene or mindful of where our creation energy is actually going.

This is a muscle that I, personally, am desiring to condition and bring more discipline to these days in service of harnessing and directing my personal creation energy towards that which I am intending to create. 

This can be a simple and as powerful as pausing throughout the day to check in and ask yourself, 

”Is what I’m thinking, feeling, or believing in this moment in alignment with my purpose and with the woman I desire to be and become?  Or, in other words, is what I’m thinking, feeling, or believing in this moment fueling my desired outcome and ideal manifestation?”

If you’re inspired to join me in this practice, listen to this week’s podcast, where I also share an additional 2-step process that is a fun and sensual way to recondition and recalibrate your frequency to add gasoline instead of water to the fire of your desires!  Yes, it does require some discipline too, so I invite you to take on the challenge along with me if you so choose ;-))