Summer is in full swing, and I can feel the pull towards new growth, playfulness, and expansion moving in my bones, my cells, and my heart, along with that push-pull of the old, expired ways of being that are still clinging to the familiar comfort that they know so well.  

I’m curious, what has your experience been inside yourself and your life over the last few weeks?

Do you find yourself craving more sweetness out of life?

Have you been avoiding a creative project that you’ve been envisioning for a while?

Maybe your life is feeling devoid of color and meaning, or you’re feel stuck in a rut and unable to move forward on an idea or inspiration.

Or, perhaps you’re starting to recognize that you are depriving yourself and the world of your unique magic, and you’re ready to begin making some new and different choices.

I, myself, have been feeling a combination of all of the above and am excited to share with you today how I finally danced my way out of the stagnancy I was swirling around in and then gave myself the gift of the permission and empowerment that no one else in the world could ever give me.

I invite you to grab your favorite beverage or your iPod and some fresh air, while you listen in for a quick dose of inspiration and love coming your way in this quick podcast I recorded for you.

There’s something about a Sunday afternoon or evening that feels like my favorite time to reflect over the previous week, take the opportunity to hit the reset button, and then refocus my energy and harness my intention for the upcoming week.

May today’s podcast enliven whatever practice or rituals you personally use to prepare for another week and support you in stepping into the week ahead with a renewed sense of purpose and passion!

Wishing you a meaningful week of dancing to the music of your own magic!