Ahhhhh, it feels so good to come up for air, take some deep breaths, and create the space to connect with you again. I disappeared for a bit into the swirling momentum and to-do’s of the upcoming interview series I will be hosting, which you will be the first to know about when it opens for registration in late May!

As much I intended to create and navigate the process and all the moving parts of this event  from a space of ease, feminine grace, and flow, it didn’t take long for the overwhelm to kick in and the stress to build.  So, once again, I am humbled by the reminder that…..yes, of course, I teach what I most need to learn.

So, I simply have to forgive myself for falling out of alignment at times, step back for some perspective, remember my original intention for the event and the energy in which I wanted to create it, and then anchor myself back into how I desire to feel once again.  And, most importantly, I open myself up to the knowing that it’s not all up to me…..it never is.  This allows me to exchange my over-thinking, over-doing, and obsession over every detail for FAITH, which feels so much better in my heart and feminine body.

Where in your own life are you struggling or forcing to make something happen through a lot of effort, pushing, stress, busyness, and feeling as though you have to do it all by yourself and do it NOW?

What would you like to be experiencing instead – that might feel better in YOUR heart and feminine body?  And how can you create that for yourself?

The magic of this is that you don’t have to wait another second or for anything outside of you to change in order to have that right now!  It’s simply a matter of re-choosing in any moment.

So, what’s the first step you could take today to move in the direction of how you desire to feel?

For me, the desired feelings are spacious, calm, and relaxed in the deep knowing that everything is always working out in the most divinely conspired way.  And, the step I am choosing today is to release the pressure of needing to be “perfect” by sending you this very impromptu and unpolished podcast, which includes an additional reflection and practice for you to explore this week.

Unplanned. Unrehearsed. Unedited. Sans intro.  I simply grabbed my phone to make a voice memo in the moment.

So, if you’re ready for an another practice along with some practical tips to play with, head on over to listen.

It ended up being longer and less succinct than might be ideal, but in the spirit of spaciousness and ease, I’m practicing spontaneity and imperfect action.  So, no re-do’s this week 😉 It is simply au-naturel!

If you can get all the way through, you will definitely find at least one pearl of wisdom that has the potential to radically shift your life if you practice it consistently.

Until next time….
Love yourself fiercely and breathe deeeeeeply!