Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough space, time, and energy for what makes you feel great? For what truly enlivens, inspires, and nourishes you at the deepest level?

In a recent interview I listened to, I heard Martha Beck talk about the moment she woke up to the awareness that her entire purpose for being was to be happy.

Imagine borrowing this insight and using it as your own reference point. It certainly would be an honest clarifier of how much you’re either flourishing or merely tolerating in your life.

I go into some of the most common tolerations and potential energy vampires below. But first, let’s clarify what a toleration is, so you can start identifying them for yourself in your own life.

I definite a toleration as:

~ something you’re putting up with or any stressor you encounter in your daily life that consumes your time, energy, or space
~ something you do out of obligation, expectation, or conditioning verses out of an empowered choosing from a feeling of freedom or joy
~ an act dictated by pressure from either inside of you or from someone or something on the outside to whom you have given authority
~ something you believe you SHOULD do and so force yourself to do it, because there is no authentic desire, juice or inspiration behind it
~ an activity you engage in that used to serve you at one time but from which you no longer derive the same meaning, based on the woman you are becoming today

You know that you’re tolerating something, because the more you’re tolerating in your life:

~ The more likely you are to feel resentful, dissatisfied, trapped, and victimized
~ The more susceptible you are to feeling envious and jealous of others who have or are doing and experiencing what YOU want for yourself
~ You will continue to experience feelings of lack, overwhelm, depletion, and unworthiness

The reason it is so important to become conscious of and then clear away our tolerations is that – left to grow like weeds in your garden – they will continue to:

~ Keep the life you desire on hold
~ Be a major energy leak and drain
~ Rob and siphon your precious creative energy away from your creative pursuits and purpose
~ Keep you in this mode of simply managing your emotions, energy, and time rather than actually thriving and living to the fullest

Some of the invaluable benefits of eliminating tolerations are:

~ More freedom and spaciousness
~ More peace and calm
~ More energy, clarity, and alignment
~ More fulfillment and joy
~ More room for what makes you feel GREAT!

What would it look like to restore a quality of happiness, aliveness, spaciousness, and even fun back into your experience?

Because ultimately, this IS where it’s at – as I talked about in last week’s PODCAST.

Without a compass of happiness, joy, and ease, we will continue to pound away on the treadmill of striving-but-never-arriving with our desires and dreams always just out of reach.

What would it take for you to decide that this is NOT optional?….that if there’s something you want to have, do, be, feel, experience that you’re not currently experiencing, then you must make it a non-negotiable commitment for your freedom and joy-filled moments and choices to far outweigh you the ones that you are merely tolerating.


Here’s your 3-step Toleration Cleanse Protocol:

Step # 1. Pick one aspect of your life that you’re currently tolerating the most

~ Maybe it’s too much technology or social media
~ Not enough rest and replenishment
~ The consumption of food that is less than your ideal
~ Relationship dynamics that feel dishonoring
~ Too much or too little exercise
~ Your own mindset, which could be one of lack, worry, self-diminishing, complaining….
~ Spending time with people or in places that depletes rather than nourishes, inspires, and uplifts you
~ Clutter in your space or your schedule

Step # 2. What would it look like to begin cleansing out this toleration and redesigning this aspect of your life based on the woman you are today AND your new compass spaciousness, ease, and aliveness?

In other words, if you weren’t tolerating….. (you fill in the blank), what would you be doing, feeling, experiencing instead?

Step # 3. Navigate your choices based on joy, freedom, and authentic desire

When making choices, ask yourself:

~ “How do I desire to feel?”
~ “Will this serve me in experiencing that feeling?”
~ “If not, what can I do or bring to this experience that will support me in moving closer to and receiving my desired feeling?”

It’s time to take a stand for your happiness and aliveness! I’d love to hear how your tolerating cleansing goes over the next few days, so keep me in the loop!