If you’ve ever questioned your ability to achieve and live the success you want in every single area of your life simultaneously, this week’s PODCAST is for you! Today, I have a very special guest sharing her own personal journey into the success she’s created in all areas of her life.

About Isabel:
Isabel Stark is an Internationally sought after Life and Business Coach leading people around the world to live a successful life by creating a business that supports their dreams while prioritizing the daily work-life balance.

The roles she’s held in her professional life over the last 20 years have provided her a keen insight into how to utilize your best traits to your advantage and achieve complete fulfillment in all meaningful pursuits of life. She has learned valuable lessons on what it means to be successful and how to incorporate that into everyday life.

Devoting her time to personal interests is important to Isabel. Staying fit is also a huge part of her life and her next goals include competing in a fitness/figure competition and running her first FULL marathon.

She is the proud mother of 2 and a devoted wife to her amazing husband and partner of over 16 years. During her journey she has had to devise ideal ways to balance her personal life with her work life and now she teaches others to create Multi-Dimensional Success in all areas of their lives.

In this episode, Isabel and I discuss:

~ What is multi dimensional success
~ How to use femininity in your life and business
~ The biggest block to mastering success in every area of your life
~ The cost of not using your unique gifts and talents
~ Isabel’s favorite daily ritual to support you in being your best self now

Isabel’s upcoming attractions we spoke about on the show:

Magic Journaling Challenge (Free Challenge)
Starting August 15th.

Ladies Business Lounge (Membership Program)
Launch promo of 50% off for full year membership, ends August 31st.

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I hope you enjoy our interview and remember….integration requires taking action on inspiration. So what step will you make today to create multi-dimensional success in your own life?
Let me know in the comments below!