Are you feeling so overcommitted, totally stressed, and moving so fast that you’re not even able to enjoy the rewards of all that you actually are doing?

Do you have a sense that your body is telling you what it needs – what you need – but you haven’t been willing to slow down long enough to listen?

If you believe you don’t have time for yourself or you don’t deserve to make yourself a priority, this week’s episode is definitely a “Must-Listen”!

Today, I have a very special guest sharing her own personal journey into the holistic health, success, and fulfillment she’s discovered for herself in her own life.

Tanuja Dabir is a Nutritionist| Digestion Whiz | Public Speaker| Corporate Wellness Expert
enabling stressed, on-the- go professionals strengthen the digestive system and
transform health from the inside out so that you can

* Eliminate heart burn, gas, bloating, IIBS, diarrhea/ constipation
* Bust sugar cravings,
* Increase energy and
* Lose weight and live your best life.

In today’s episode, we talk about:

~ The often overlooked component of lasting, satisfying, and holistic success

~ Why we must commit to a practice of celebration if we are ever going to be happy and content

~ The turning point when Tanuja stopped searching for answers outside of her only to find out she had the wisdom within her all along

~ The key mindset shift required to maximize joy, let go of the hustle, and feel comfortable in your own skin again

If you’re ready to jumpstart your wellness while taking your satisfaction and confidence to a whole new level, come on over here to listen in to our juicy and rich conversation!

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