We’re diving right back into where we left off with this rich topic of desire, seduction, and this detoxification process of purification which leads into the resuscitation and the eventual reigniting of desire

I heard from so many of you who were either inspired and enlivened OR triggered and provoked by the challenge I proposed of……

Letting go of every desire, every dream you’ve ever had…..and really allowing them all to completely fall away in service of discovering and eliciting an even deeper, more authentic source of desire born out of the woman you are in this moment and the woman you never have been up until now.

Today, I’m building on what we previously explored and opened up in Part 1, so that you can not only sustain and keep it alive, but also begin to enrich and expand upon it even more.

In this week’s episode, I go into:

~ Practical ways to address the most common challenge of keeping the energy of desire open, flowing, and sustained in the midst of all the demands and responsibilities of daily life

~ The hidden, unconscious habits and patterns that may be shutting down and repelling your desires

~ The number one shift required to become a magnet to your desires. (By the way, you already know how to do this and have been doing it your entire life)

~ The essential step to bring your desires back on line again, especially if they’ve been feeling dormant and elusive

So, if you’ve been feeling hesitant and afraid, or even unwilling and unable to seduce your desires back to life, this week’s episode will certainly give you a next step!

Ready to re-ignite desire again and turn your life back on?

If, after listening, you still feel overwhelmed or recognize that you don’t even know where to start to get clarity on your desires and back into alignment with the vision you have for your life – and you’re eager to reconnect with a sense of inspiration, juiciness, and expansion….

I’d love to support you, so I’m opening up 5 spaces this week for a:

Complimentary Ignite Your Desire Session

During this session, I’ll support you in ……

~ Identifying what’s out of sync and what’s really getting in the way of you connecting with your soul’s unique desires and the next level of self-expression you crave

~ Together, we’ll also take a closer look at how to customize the concepts and practices I shared with you today so that you can reconnect with a sense of expanded possibility, inspiration, and alignment with your highest potential and vision you have for your life

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I look forward to connecting with you!