I don’t know about you, but I myself definitely have a preference for certain feelings and emotions than others.

This past week has been one filled with changes both internally and externally, which definitely challenged my center and brought to the surface feelings of being lost, disoriented, and extremely anxious.

Yet, in the face of this shakiness, I could also sense that, within all these messy emotions, there was some invaluable wisdom for me to receive…. and that it was actually a rich opportunity for insight and new expansion that had never previously been visible or available to me.

So whatever weather system is moving through your life and emotional body at this time, I invite you to remember that it has a unique wisdom of its own. And, the more you trust that wisdom, the more wholeness, peace and freedom you will experience.

In today’s podcast episode, I walk you through a beautiful process to support you in maximizing the opportunity for enjoyment and liberation hidden within every emotion, even in – and especially in – the ones that feel most threatening to our sense of grounding and peace.

If you’re navigating through what feels like a really stormy, messy time, and you’re contracting in the face of some really challenging emotions, struggling to find your center and connect with some sense of direction or clarity, then I would love to support you!

I’m opening up 5 spaces this week for a Complimentary Back To Center Session

During this session, I’ll support you in ……

~ Identifying what’s out of sync and getting re-grounded back into your center, so that you can move through your life in the most masterful, graceful way

– Together, we’ll also take a closer look at how to customize the concepts and practices I shared with you today, so that you can reconnect with a sense of expanded possibility and clarity, while excavating the deepest level of wisdom available to you

~ The whole session is about reconnecting you with a sense of inspiration and power, so that you can unleash the next unfolding of your potential

To take advantage of this offer and grab you’re Complimentary Back To Center Session click HERE to schedule that directly in my calendar. I look forward to connecting with you!