Have you ever been in what felt like the darkest hours of your life?

Or experienced the debilitating darkness of depression?

And known that you had to somehow find a way out and the ONLY person that was going to get you out was YOURSELF?

Today, I have a very special guest with us, Hayley Weatherford, who shares her own challenging journey through the darkest of purgatory and to the highest peaks of bliss. Listen to our interview to hear more about her unique path out that gave birth to Self-Guided Empowerment and her devotion to being the truest, most authentic soul she can be.

In this episode, Hayley and I talk about:

~ How she went from falling apart and feeling like a broken human to embodying the unshakable confidence that she has all the tools to prevent myself from getting there again

~ What self guided empowerment looks like

~ How to make your reality becomes a more beautiful space to live in

~ Moving from a fear based reality to a love based reality

~ About why beliefs don’t matter and what does matter

~ The essential practices to expanding in unconditional love and finding your wings to fly

More About Hayley:

Through her own journey in and then out of depression, and her previous research into the areas of quantum physics relating to our beliefs, Hayley believes that depression is more of an alarm bell of imbalance, than an illness you have to learn to live with. She believes everyone experiences depression differently and so it is important for each individual to find their own unique path out. Passionate about Self-Guided Empowerment, Hayley writes and speaks to help to spread the message that the way to empowerment is so personal, that the only person who knows the right answer is the person themselves. In her most recent book “How to Stop Your Depression” Hayley provides the tools and resources for the individual to self-select which ones resonate, and then enables them to create their own unique journey out of the darkness and into a more empowered life.

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Connect with Hayley here:

http://www.selfguidedempowerment.com & http://www.howtostopyourdepression.com
Instagram: @selfguidedempowerment
Facebook: Self-Guided Empowerment