I’m always inspired by the change of seasons as a time to reflect, re-evaluate, and become more intentional about how we’re moving through our lives. Autumn especially offers a powerful opportunity as the falling of the leaves represents the ability to release and let go of all that no longer serves us.

The pace of our days, the momentum of our lives, and the overwhelm of human responsibilities can often leave us feeling disconnected, lost and unanchored to any sense of meaningful purpose and direction.

When all we’re doing is treading water, managing our day to day life, getting through week after week
the risk is that the noise of life can so easily overshadow our deepest, innermost wisdom and divine connection that underlies and that is the undercurrent of our human existence.

If we want to embody our highest values, live our life on purpose, and extract the profound fulfillment and joy that is our birthright and that we ultimately desire and that is available to us now vs. later,
it’s essential that we periodically pause to reflect and examine what it is we’re actually projecting into the field of our reality in order to get a current reading and course correct as needed.

In today’s episode, I share a simple and easy approach to continually and regularly come into greater integrity with your own soul and exploring how that can then be reflected in both your inner and outer life. At this beautiful turning point of fall, what are you ready to release and make space for, so that you can take back control from distraction and get back into the flow of your unique destiny?