Do you ever struggle with hearing and trusting your intuition and guidance?

Or have you been craving a deeper experience of divine love and connection to spirit?

Does the concept of surrender both intrigue you and terrify you at the same time?

I’m so excited to share this week’s guest episode with you, where Shannon Walbran shares her unique journey to becoming a spirit guide interpreter and supporting her clients into greater serenity and flow where everyday miracles become the norm.

In this week’s episode, Shannon and I talk about:

~ Simple ways to know when you’re on the right path, spiritually?

~ What’s the quickest way to do a spiritual turnaround, when we’re feeling down?

~ What your happiness and good spirits have to do with your spiritual path

~ Why it’s so important respond more quickly to spirit and follow through on your intuition

~ The empowering art of surrender and what it really takes to embody it more in your own life

If you’ve ever questioned your spiritual path or wondered if you’re on the right path, this week’s episode is definitely for you!

Shannon Walbran is a spiritual mentor for women and is known as “South Africa’s top psychic.” Born in the US, she has traveled to 47 countries and has been living overseas since 1997. She helps people find direction, clarity, and serenity by receiving specific, personal messages from angels and guides. Her main theme is, “You are guided.” Shannon teaches people how to tap into their messages themselves in order to reach a state of Flow in which miracles happen every day.

Connect with Shannon here: