Since it’s been coming up in my own life and in many of my clients’ lives, there’s a good chance that you may be experiencing something similar yourself. That’s why this week, I’m inspired to address this theme of feeling overworked and under-joyed.

Can you relate to any of these symptoms that might indicate that you’ve been feeling overworked and under-joyed?

~ Taking yourself or your life too seriously

~ Overthinking things and worrying more than trusting

~ Struggling and putting in a lot of doing and effort without really feeling the juice of inspiration behind any of your actions

~ Trying to figure out the “how” and micromanaging the details of getting from where you are to where you want to be

~ Feelings of dissatisfaction and wondering what’s the point of it all?

~ Feeling more easily agitated, resentful, irritable, and moody

If you’ve been experiencing any of these symptoms lately, then I invite you lean in and listen closely to this week’s episode where I:

~ Dive into the remedy to turn this around with 3 simple, yet powerful steps

~ Talk about why it’s essential to get strategic about your joy

~ Shed light on why having your joy on command is the epitome of freedom, power, and self-mastery

~ And so much more

You are always creating. You can either create consciously or unconsciously.

So what do you choose to do with this precious life of yours that is the sum total of each breath, each thought, each choice, and each moment starting now?

Listen to this week’s episode to get some practical tips to support you!

To your infinitely-expanding freedom and fulfillment,