When was the last time you felt this way?

~ Heart wide open

~ Delighting in the youthful vitality of your physical body

~ Full of wonder, innocence, and playfulness

~ Effortlessly taking flight

~ Completely self-possessed, free of self-consciousness without a care in the world

~ Fully alive in your own skin

~ And of course, adorning yourself in the most girly, feminine colors of various shades of red and pink

Whether the last time you felt this way was this morning, last week, several months or even several years ago, this young maiden, who is shining with child-like eagerness, curiosity and freedom, is always there aching to express herself.

If you haven’t let her out to play lately, she may very well be kicking and screaming to get out and reclaim more breathing space in your life.

And if it’s been a very long time, she may need some extra permission and loving encouragement to make her presence known.

She needs you. You NEED her.

Especially if you’ve been feeling:

~ depleted or stagnant – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually

~ dried up of your creative juices

~ disconnected from your sensual, feminine essence…..

~ as if you or your life is incomplete in some way

~ or as though you could use a reboot all the way around….

It’s time to turn towards her for a change, listen to her feelings, hear her innocent desires, lean in close, and receive her wisdom.

Because she KNOWS:

~ the power of pleasure

~ the importance of pulling out her fairy dust and angel wings

~ the medicine of doing nothing and simply being

~ the value of getting absorbed in her own world of imagination and dreams as if they are more real than the reality surrounding her

She still believes in unicorns and magic.

She knows how to lose herself in the moment.

She is the bridge between the immaterial and the material.

I guarantee she has much to share with you, and she is longing for your tender, undivided attention and companionship.

Are you willing to slow down enough today to give it to her in devotion to honoring and unveiling the magical treasure that she IS – that YOU are – and that she holds within her???

To find that pathway inside to the innermost recesses of her heart and back to the source of your joy, your aliveness, your unapologetic expression, and the juice of your unique creative genius?

Even if it’s only for a single moment of each day this week – and longer if you’re willing – but something is far better than nothing.

A moment of placing your hand on your heart, sharing some breaths with her, and letting your heart open to her presence, her innocent desires….her essence once again.

Whatever season you find yourself in your life…..it is never too late and it is always the perfect time to love yourself back into existence by turning towards and inviting more than ever before any parts of you that have been neglected lately.

There’s always a deeper level of integration and wholeness available.

If you’re ready to discover and receive support around what that looks like for you, LET’S CHAT!

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