By the time you receive this email and are listening to this podcast, I will be doing three of my favorite things in the whole world:

~ Traveling and exploring a new place
~ Spending time with my beloved mother
~ Enjoying several days in hours of deep meditation, stretching to the far reaches of consciousness and playing in those realms beyond where we often hang out in most of our waking day-to-day lives

My intention for this time is to relax into a new rhythm and immerse myself deeply in exactly what I invite you into as well in today’s podcast.

I’ve been reflecting lately – as I often do – on why we do everything we do and have been acutely aware of the perpetual forward drive that we believe is required in order to get what want and to where we desire to be in ourselves and in our lives.

And yet, the exact opposite is true.

The concepts and practices I’m sharing with you all start with relaxing into a new rhythm, so that you can embody a new state of being that is the most conducive to allowing yourself to receive all that you desire with much more ease and pleasure and far less effort and struggle.

This week’s episode sheds light on:

~ How you’re innocently and inadvertently blocking what you desire
~ Why all your efforts to become and have more of what you want may be counterproductive
~ The addictive cycle that will keep you chasing fulfillment indefinitely
~ The muscles you need to be working out more than your sexy abs and butt
~ The simple shift to receiving what you want right now

Enjoy listening!