Have you forgotten how to enjoy the journey before you’ve actually arrived at your preferred destination?

Are you more familiar with pushing, striving, and hustling than with spaciousness and downtime to tune in, listen, and receive the intuitive guidance that would provide the most aligned action?

Do you prioritize effort over pleasure… doing over being?

Maybe you’re quick to put yourself down rather than celebrate and amplify your unique gifts that are yours – and only yours – to express in this lifetime.

If any of these sound like you, then you’re in the right place! In this week’s episode of the Integrated Woman Podcast, I have a very special guest sharing about her journey from “Bedroom Joyologist” to “Business and Success Mentor”. And she has lots to say about doing what you love by being more of who you are and living the life of your dreams starting today!

In today’s episode, Allison and I talk about:

~ The process of identifying your purpose
~ Integrating your unique gifts into a business you love
~ How to uncover your secrete business fantasies and make them a reality
~ Balancing the masculine hustle with the feminine, intuitive flow
~ The super fuel you require to realize your goals and vision
~ And so much more!

I hope you enjoying listening in to our delicious conversation!

More about Allison Braun:

Allison Braun is a Business & Success Mentor that helps soul-driven women get what they want by being who they are, and doing what they love. With simplicity & pleasure.
She’s helped hundreds of clients from over 10 countries experience attract Soul Mate Clients and live the lifestyle of their dreams (even before making 6 figures), without being someone they aren’t.
When she’s not helping these freedom lovin’ coaches, consultants and energy workers discover and express their gifts in a business they love, you can find her swimming in the nearest ocean, drinking espresso or playing with crystals. Start making your own dream business a reality!

Connect with Allison here:
Soulful Success Tribe: https://www.facebook.com/groups/165857493774722/
Instagram: @allisonbraun