As we’re approaching the New Year, what better time to release whatever is blocking you from opening to let in more love, happiness, and fulfillment than ever before?

Especially if:

You’re tired of pretending but terrified to declare who you truly are at your core

You’re wondering why you’re not happier while believing you “should be”

You crave divine partnership but are not sure you truly deserve it

Or you find yourself having the same relationship over and over again, reliving those historical patterns from your childhood, and don’t know how to break the cycle

If you’re ready to reach out for the life and relationship that was always supposed to be yours, you’ll definitely want to listen in to this week’s episode where Leslie Seidel shares how she broke through her barriers to love, happiness, and fulfillment!

In today’s episode, we talked about:

~ Coming out of hiding and embracing your unique superpower
~ What happens when you commit fully to your desires
~ Making decisions out of faith vs. fear
~ The essential and often overlooked step to making space for and being available to receive your desires
~ Saying yes to all that is woman
~ And so much more!

More about Leslie:

Leslie Seidel is a Relationship Expert who helps successful women who are sick and tired of being alone and dating men who don’t appreciate them, attract their Soulmate and experience lasting, committed, fulfilling life partnership. Her life’s work is helping people to break through the barriers that are keeping them from their perfect partner.

Connect with Leslie here:

Facebook group for women who are looking to be in a relationship. Spiritual Journey to your Soulmate