Whether we’re conscious of it or not, we all aspire to live in alignment with our soul’s highest purpose.

We long for the peace of knowing that we are.

And, we seek the confirmation that we are in fact living, working, relating, being, feeling in alignment with our soul’s highest purpose.

If we’re not feeling that peace, fulfillment, and deep satisfaction, then we wonder, we doubt, we question ourselves, our choices, and our lives. 

We desperately seek some kind of confirmation, clarity, and guidance to know whether or not we are, in fact, living in alignment with our soul’s purpose and with what we were born here in this lifetime to be and become and express.


Every woman I speak to, as well as every client I’ve ever worked with, has been in this question and on this search in some form or another at various times – if not right now.

It’s easy to think or assume that when and if things aren’t flowing harmoniously, or when our life doesn’t look as glamorous as we would like it to, or when things feel difficult, or it feels as though we made a wrong decision or missed the boat somewhere along the way….

That these are all indications that we’re out of alignment with our soul and our soul’s purpose. 

This only adds to the burden of self-judgment, shame, despair, and confusion and the heavy feeling that something must be seriously wrong with our GPS, our intuition, with ourselves, and with our lives. 


We have this idea that when we’re living in alignment with our soul’s purpose, then our experience will be full of grace and ease – that grace abounds and is the predominate tone….

And that when things feel gritty, clunky, dissatisfying, difficult that we must be out of alignment on some level.

I absolutely believe there are those times, places, periods, and experiences of feeling totally synced up, in the flow, and clicked into a more expanded experience of ourselves, where there’s a feeling of “rightness” to where we are and what we’re doing. 

But, if we get attached to this being the only time, the only way, and the singular condition and indicator that lets us know that we’re living in alignment with our soul’s purpose, then we are cutting ourselves off and missing out on all the massively rich wisdom and potent evolution that is hiding in the cracks, the shadows, and the grit.


If you’re not having the experience you desire….

If your dreams are feeling out of reach…

Or if things that you want to happen aren’t happening 

Or you’re facing what feels like big challenge and things aren’t unfolding in the way that you would like……

Then it might be time to look deeper than merely fixing yourself or attempting to move the various chess pieces around in your life. 

Start with remembering that….


  • Your soul is far less concerned with what is happening or not happening in your 3 dimensional reality – in other words, what your life looks like or doesn’t look like. Rather it is much more concerned with how you are relating to whatever is happening or not happening and with how available you are to receive the greatest possible evolution as a result. 


  • What you’re thinking about what is happening or not happening is what is determining your experience of it.  Simple as that.  If you’re believing something is wrong with you, wrong with your life, or wrong with your choices, and that you’re out of alignment, then life will feel difficult.


You will feel anxious, stressed, unhappy, frustrated, disconnected, and contracted. 

And, most likely, you may even feel deeply ashamed, inferior, insecure or unsafe in some way about your place in the world. 

The first step to begin turning this around is not through rearranging the furniture in your external world but by opening to and asking yourself…

What if I am exactly where I need to be in this moment?  What if everything is unfolding perfectly on purpose according to the Divine plan and my soul’s agenda in order for me to receive the greatest possible evolution at this time?

In other words… 

What if you already ARE living in alignment with your soul’s purpose and that the experience you’re having right here and right now is exactly what your soul and higher self has perfectly orchestrated FOR YOU and BY you to support you?

It is actually your soul’s way of loving you by delivering to you exactly what you require in order to become even more of who you desire to be and know you’re capable of becoming in this very body….in this very lifetime. 

And, the only thing that needs to happen in order for you to come in the greatest possible alignment is to meet that experience with a wide open heart and fresh eyes, so you can fully receive and celebrate the depth of the lesson and opportunity that lies within it.

What grace is here for me to embrace?


While there are certainly plenty of action steps one could take to transform one’s life to look more like they want it to look, what I’m inviting you into first is this treasure hunt of excavating and discovering the grace that lies within the grit you may be in the midst of within your current reality.

There is grace in the grit 

And, the way back into the alignment with your soul that you are seeking AND the evolution your soul is seeking through you is simply by beginning to shift the way you’re viewing yourself, perceiving your situation, or relating to a challenge or difficulty.

The way to discover the next level of your freedom, unconditional joy, sovereignty and wholeness is by seeing the absolute perfection in whatever is present.