This is a time that can be filled with such a mix of emotions as we embark upon a brand new year with our hearts both full of desire, anticipation, renewed inspiration, adventure, and eagerness while also perhaps feeling some pressure, isolation, anxiety, uncertainty, or lack of direction.

If you’ve been navigating a little bit of all of the above, as I myself have been, this week’s podcast is definitely for you and your tender heart….and especially for those parts of you that may be craving some relief, comfort, reassurance, and revitalized possibility in the face of what may not appear to be a clear path forward yet.

Where are you forcing something to happen?

Where are you believing that you need to have all the answers right now or putting pressure on yourself to do, produce, manifest, create, or to know what is not yet known?

Where and how are you resisting the unknown, the darkness, the mystery, and the nebulousness of uncertainty?

For now, the way forward may simply be “BEING” exactly where you are with whatever weather pattern is moving through you these days. The way forward may simply be “IN” and “THROUGH”, letting the mystery work her magic while you let your inner critic take a nap and trust a little more in the unseen forces working on your behalf behind the scenes.

I would love for you to listen in and join me as we lean into the question, the darkness, the uncertainty, and the mystery of what is next….of what is yours to do and perhaps not to do….or not yet…

Because it’s in that void that at times can feel like the most daunting nothingness where everything resides and from which infinite possibility emerges.