When was the last time you made a decision? And where did you source your answer from?

As we navigate our days, weeks, months, years and lives, we’re faced with more decisions in a day than we could probably count. So then wouldn’t it be ideal if we were sourcing our decisions from the our own authority as much as possible to insure that we are in the flow of the path that our own soul would have us walk and be less vulnerable to the voices in or head or external influences and conditioning.

Even consider all the decisions you’ve probably made in the last hour and what your compass was by which you based them:

~ Was it just automatically making the same decision you’ve made before on a similar issue?
~ Was it based on what you think or believe you SHOULD do?
~ Was it from your heart, or your gut, or your womb space?
~ Was it simply a clear intuitive hit?
~ Or was it based on what someone else told you or advised you?

This week’s podcast is designed to support you in trailblazing a new pathway back home to yourself, home to your own body, into the chamber of your heart, and the temple of your deepest knowing and the reservoir of your innermost source of wisdom.

Once this pathway is firmly established, it will become the most compelling, desirable one to walk down and the one you will trust above all else!

Enjoy listening to today’s podcast where I cover:

~ The 3 biggest obstacles to tapping into our inner authority
~ The essential first step to getting hardwired to your deepest knowing
~ The invaluable portal of your body’s unique language of sensuality
~ The back door approach to ever-increasing self-love
~ How the smallest shifts can yield the greatest results

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