Sometimes the thought of loving our life can feel like a lofty aspiration.

Sometimes it can feel like the most breathtaking and inspiring goal to realize.

At other times, it might even feel nauseating or at least discouragingly heavy on our hearts when we look out at others who appear to be loving their life, while it feels impossible for us to ever get there…

Especially when, from where we are standing and through our current lens of perception, our life doesn’t appear to be worthy of loving.

It can feel difficult to love our life when we have a long list of things we want to be different, desires we want to fulfill, and dreams we have yet to realize.

We can fall into that trap of believing that the way to change what we don’t like is by noticing it and complaining about it – even if we’re only silently complaining about it in the privacy of our own minds. So we get caught up in and focused on what’s not lovable about our lives.

But it simply feels better to love than to complain, judge, criticize, or reject this gift of life, and you deserve to feel as good as you possibly right now instead of postponing it to later.

So how do we begin to love and delight in what feels unlovable and lousy?

If I lost you already, I encourage you to hang in there and listen in to this week’s episode where I go into:

~ The key to changing your biochemistry and creating new neural pathways for pleasure, joy, abundance, and more

~ How to up-level your frequency to become more magnetic to your desires

~ How to more quickly close that gap between you and your future self who is in love with her life

~ The essential practice of reaching for the highest, most wise version of yourself and to awaken within us you capacity to see through the eyes of the divine

~ Why getting what you require rather than what you think you desire could be the best thing that ever happens to you

Enjoy listening in! I know you will receive at least one nugget of wisdom that will liberate more peace, freedom, and lightheartedness to support you wherever you are on your journey this week and this season!