Are you ready for magic in your life?

To fully claim and unleash your authentic and sensual self?

To live without compromise and express your womanhood without reservation?

To create the sacred, intimate relationship you have always dreamed of?

This is the path of the goddess and the healing pathway for the woman who is ready to be experience her wholeness at a whole new level in all areas of her life.

And our special guest in this week’s episode, Tamika Hilder, is here to guide us on this path of living a more fulfilled life, awakening your divine femininity, falling in love with yourself, and becoming a magnet for the relationship and life you desire.

As an Inspirational Speaker, Creator, Healer, Teacher, Goddess, Soulpreneur, Tamika definitely walks her talk and is a radiant embodiment of her mission in the world.

Listen in to our rich conversation in this week’s podcast and awaken even more to who you truly are, to your potential and to the power you innately have within you create your life.

More about Tamika Hilder:

Tamika Hilder is the founder of Path of The Goddess, a healing program for women to move into wholeness, awaken their divine feminine and create the life and love they deserve. She has runs programs world-wide and has been an intuitive healer and transformational facilitator for ten years, mentoring those who wish to join her Path of The Goddess growing global team. Tamika’s career evolved from the health and fitness industry with Personal Training and Pilates into Life Coaching, Emotional Healing and then integrating more metaphysics, sacred sexuality, tantra and ancient feminine wisdom into her practice. Her mission is to unite the masculine and feminine energies through her work for greater unity, harmony and love within personal relationships and within the planet.

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