Is there a task or activity on your agenda, in your schedule, or on your to do list that you dread, that weighs heavily on you, and that – when they time comes to do it – it is so loaded with resistance that it completely zaps you of joy, energy, and zest for life, let alone any ounce of pleasure or enjoyment?

One of the things I’m really passionate about is integrating our spiritual practices into practical day-to-day life and becoming extra vigilant to where we are unconsciously giving away our joy, power, and fulfillment – giving it away to our conditions, our choices, other people, the responsibilities in our schedule, etc. As we do this, we then risk living more by default than by design and losing touch with our capacity to experience the pleasure, enjoyment, peace, and freedom to determine our state of being that is available to us in any moment.

If we’re experiencing feelings of dread, resistance, force, and the temptation to procrastinate around some component in our lives, it’s a sign that, on some level, we now associate it with a “have to”, “should do”, “need to do”, “must do or else”…….even if it’s something that we initially enjoyed, desired, or chose to do.

For whatever reason, we now have a different relationship to it, and the initial spark of desire and passion around it has decreased significantly or maybe become totally extinguished. So, we end up feeling victimized, trapped and disempowered by this choice that WE originally made.

Before impulsively abandoning certain life responsibilities or letting something go prematurely, we can enter a new level of self-discovery and begin to maximize on the potential it may have to grow with us and actually serve us in our evolution into more of the woman we are ultimately here to become.

Listen in to this week’s episode where I explore the pathway to transform that dreaded activity from a “HAVE TO” to a “GET TO” and what it takes to:

~ Reclaim a sense of power, joy, freedom and choice
~ Empower yourself to design our lives and determine our state of being
~ Re-ignite the original inspiration and intention behind it
~ Allow any experience to ultimately serve your larger purpose, vision for your life, and you in becoming all of the woman you ultimately desire to be
~ Release the force and struggle and begin resourcing yourself from that deeper well of passion and desire

The only question is, will you love yourself enough to decide how we want to feel, do whatever you can to accomplish that, and set yourself up to experience more satisfaction, empowerment, and fulfillment as a result?