What if we really could turn any adversity into our greatest ally?

I find that even asking the question creates a space and opens up the possibility to have a completely different relationship to the unfolding of our life experience.

Not one of us is exempt from the experience of adversity at some point or another.

Whether it shows up as:

~ Nothing we do is working
~ Even when we’ve given it our best shot, everything we do seems fruitless and all we experience is failure or disappointment
~ Things just aren’t going our way or the way we think we want them to go
~ A significant relationship falling away unexpectedly
~ A door is closing
~ Or the rug of what we’ve attached our security to is slowing OR quickly dissolving beneath our feet

At times, it can be in small, minor ways. At other times, it can occur in really significant ways that really impact the entire trajectory and shape of our lives.

Within my own personal work, as well as my work with clients, I’ve always been fiercely committed and devoted to discovering the most direct, effective, and efficient way to return back to our seat of power….even when, and especially when, adversity threatens to unseat us.

And that’s exactly what this week’s episode is designed to support you in discovering for yourself.

As the heroine of your life, you get to decide in any moment that the circumstances have no power over you and that wherever you are is the BEST place you could possibly be for your evolution, continual expansion, and ultimate liberation.

To make this choice is the step towards true freedom and self-mastery. And it is this freedom
and self-mastery that is far more satisfying to your soul than getting whatever it is you may have originally thought you wanted.

I hope you enjoy listening in to this week’s episode and discover how to alchemize even the most challenging adversity into your greatest ally!