Do you ever feel as though you’re going non-stop, working long hours, and throwing all your energy into achieving goals and outcomes?

Are you operating in “man-mode”, living form the neck up without any clue about what turns you on anymore?

Maybe you’re caught in a perpetual cycle of burn-out, depletion, and disconnection without a dose of pleasure in sight?

So how do we wake up from this patriarchal spell and begin embracing and reclaiming our feminine power as women?

Pleasure and desire are the answer – the answer to everything, according to our amazing guest today, Christina Morassi.

Audacious and determined to find another way, Christina let go of an incredibly successful career to dive deeply into pleasure research, sensuality practices, and the terrifying unknown to discover what she now teaches and embodies as the turned on feminine leader she is today.

If you’re ready to kick burn-out to the curb and are seeking a more sustainable pathway to creating the success you desire, while more fully enjoying yourself and your life along the way, this week’s interview is not to be missed!

In our sassy and spicy conversation, Christina and I talked about:

  • How to begin orienting our life around our natural turn-on
  • Tuning into our body and our deepest wisdom
  • Why it’s essential to prioritize pleasure
  • The 5 potent steps of the Feminine Powered Operating System
  • Stepping into role of Pleasure CEO of your life and business
  • And so much more….

I hope you enjoy this week’s episode as much as I did!

More about Christina:

Christina Morassi is a successful healer-turned-coach blessed to achieve the entrepreneurial dream. She reached the high 6-figures helping women find their Ecstatic Brands, had clients in 27 countries, created big 3-day live events, and along with her community, raised $25K to sponsor a village in Africa for 5 years.

It was AMAZING! And… She was exhausted from being in man-mode all the time and following other people’s templates to success. So 2 years ago she pulled the plug on her successful business, created a pleasure makeover for herself, and now turns her attention to helping other successful women entrepreneurs unleash more pleasure and desire to become PleasureCEO’s.

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