Do you know your core calling, and are you fully claiming your space in the world by living it?

Maybe you think your big idea and deepest calling it too bold, too edgy, or too out there, so you’ve been hiding out playing it small.

Or perhaps you fear you aren’t enough live up to your dreams and don’t have what it takes to make the impact you desire, so you don’t even bother.

What if you could feel safe and free within yourself and achieve wild success, greater aliveness and joy?

Our guest today, Laura Thompson Brady, is here to show us how! As the founder of Nourished Home, her passion is guiding women through their fears and into their brilliance, so that they can achieve success and impact as leaders, activists, and change makers.

This is a truly potent, deeply inspiring, and potentially life-changing  not to be missed!

Our rich and juicy dialogue was all about

  • What it really takes to show up in all of the fullness that you are
  • The Activist Edge and why leaning into it is vital to lasting fulfillment
  • Laura’s unique magic that is catalytic for true and lasting transformation
  • How to discover the most life-giving expression of who they are
  • Actionable ways to start and live our day grounded in purpose and divine grace
  • And so much more golden wisdom packed in here

More about Laura:

Laura Thompson Brady, Ph.D. & founder of The Nourished Home is a coach, spiritual guide, and sound healer who helps women awaken to their leadership and creative callings so that they can bring more harmony and healing to our families, communities, and larger world we call home.

Laura’s Free Gift – A Sound Healing & Guided Meditation
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