I am dropping in with a dose of wisdom for your weekend. FYI….This is for you if you can handle a little more deliciousness in your life ;-))

This week’s episode invites you into an exploration and refection that – I will totally admit up front – I am very good at the doing the exact opposite of, which is probably why I’m so passionate and enthusiastic about sharing it.

It’s through sharing it that I am reminded to more consistently keep in on the surface and front and center of my awareness.

It’s what i’m calling….the deliciousness of presence

Highlights from this week’s solo podcast include:

~ How to identify your preferred strategy of absence or missing your life

~ Why mastering presence is essential to getting what you want

~ How having the intention to become more proud of yourself will serve you

~ Guarantee you will lay your head on your pillow tonight filled with a deep sense of contentment in your heart

~ The one thing determining the quality of your experience and how to change it

Give yourself the gift of being present with this week’s episode and learn simple ways to stop missing out on your life and receive even more of it’s deliciousness!