Do you ever have those days that fly by in a blur? You blink and it’s over?

Maybe you think, “When things slow down a bit, then I’ll be able to feel more connected.”

A topic that is feeling fresh and current for me is also one that I face every single day. It’s one that we all encounter as we navigate the pace and frenzy of modern life –

Is the quandary of:

When the whirlwind of overwhelm, the hormones of stress, and the fullness of our busy days threaten to take over, take us out of our center, and to overshadow our experience of living on purpose and in alignment with our souls mission and passion in this lifetime….

What recourse do we have, so that the momentum of modern life does not eclipse that which is sacred to us and that which matters most to our deepest self?

The fact is, life keeps going, and the pace we’re living at is only moving faster and faster.

Life is not going to stop to let us catch up. We have to figure out how to create the experience we want in the midst of the go, go, go…

In this week’s EPISODE on The Integrated Woman Podcast, I share some simple ways and my favorite rescue remedies for exactly this!

Some of the highlights include:

  • the first step to recalibrating back to what is sacred
  • the quickest ways to downshift back to zero
  • a roadmap to leaning back into presence
  • the most fertile ground for creativity and flow
  • how to stop confusing what feels urgent for what is truly important

If you ever find yourself driven more by anxiety than inspiration, effort more than desire, hustle more than flow, then this episode is definitely for you. Enjoy!