I’m officially on a sacred “time-out” right now from any big actions in my business, but I couldn’t resist sneaking out of my temple time with a quick note to you today.

As a coach and mentor who supports women who’ve lost their spark to find more juice again in their lives by providing practices and rituals through which they can begin to rediscover their joy, turn on, and feminine aliveness, I myself need to continually be working that edge in my own life, so that I can be in full alignment and integrity with my message.

At times, this means doing that which is one of the hardest for me to do….

Nothing….or at least very little at times…

And slowing way, way down to simply be with ME and MYSELF

And that means being with BOTH the delight AND the discomfort of surrender.

And resisting the urge to fill that time and space as quickly as possible.

I consciously choose to lean into this edge of surrender, spaciousness, and non-action at times, so that I can come into even greater intimacy with my own joy, turn on, and innermost wisdom until I feel the pull to take loving, creative action again from that deeper, juicier well and overflow.

And, yes, as silly as it may seem to some, this is challenging for me.

Having found refuge and safety, as a tender young teenager, in the control, restriction, and regimentation of anorexia – surrender, trust, and letting go do not always come easily to me.

They are muscles I need to deliberately practice and ways of being I need to consciously choose to take on, especially when I am being called to do so from my deeper knowing and higher self.

And, this is exactly why I am so passionate about the work I do as a mentor to women on this journey of discovering the map to turning themselves and their lives back on from the inside out.

Because there is always a new frontier to navigate in service of my soul’s purpose in this lifetime.

And in my world and in my being…

Any new frontier = A new level of Aliveness and Turn- on!

And right now that new frontier looks like me choosing:
  • Ease over effort
  • Play over pressure and productivity – even though playfulness is the most productive thing we can 🙂
  • Delight over doubt
  • Fun over force
  • To turn it over to the universe vs tighten the reigns
  • Less is more
  • To make more space for pleasure
  • To feel into my joy
  • And following what feels good

Because our feminine turn-on, embodied wisdom, sensuality, and magic all need space to breathe, to emerge for the very first time, or to re-emerge in an entirely new way.

The Divine Feminine arises out of nothing and non-doing. She thrives in being, spaciousness, and pleasure.

And then it’s about trusting and allowing the universe to support me and my vision.

If I desire the universe to support me, I have to get out of the way and stop micromanaging every little detail and forcing myself into action.

The Divine needs our trust before she will show up.

If we want the universe to support us, we have to let it do so by letting go, surrendering, and releasing our grip on our own personal timeline and agenda for how and when we think things should unfold.


If any of what I’ve shared above is a challenging edge and scary frontier for you too, then know that I’ll be sharing so much more to support you in the coming weeks.

To kick-off the next season of the Integrated Woman Podcast, the one place where I have been in delightful and delicious creative action has been is curating a new list of experts and interviews that are all about turn-on and tapping into our feminine oracle, authentic aliveness, and sacred sensuality!

In the meantime, I invite you to begin exploring this realm for yourself in any way you’re inspired to by taking on a practice of following the feel good, feeling into your sensations of joy, and feeling into the delight – and perhaps even the discomfort as well – of surrender, the spaciousness of less doing, and nothingness…..

To your turn-on,