With today’s guest VIENDA MARIA  

So what does exquisite presence have to do with turn-on? As I see it….everything!

Imagine feeling so alive and so inspired about the life you live that you can’t be anything but turned-on. This could pretty much sums up what we are all desiring and seeking at the end of the day – the reason and quest behind anything we do.

Would you agree? Even a little bit?

Our guest today, Vienda Maria, has definitely discovered the switch to her turn-on and is here to share with us how she went from feeling totally disconnected and disillusioned with life to experiencing an exquisite presence that permeated her life for the very first time. Her wisdom is absolutely stunning!

Simple, yes. But not so easy when life seems to move faster by the day and we’re wired to leave the present and fill up our time and space as quickly as possible.

If you’re wondering why you can’t feel happier or are not showing fully in the way you desire, today’s episode will be such powerful medicine for you.

Vienda and I talked about:

  • Living an intuitively-led life
  • Vienda’s powerful process for calling in divine love and soul partnership and the epic story of how she met her guy
  • Slowing down and sitting with the moment
  • Being your own oracle
  • Radical self-trust
  • And so much more
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More about Vienda:

Vienda is a writer and creative who spends her time teaching at the crossroads of manifesting, intuitive living, radical self-trust and creative business. Vienda’s message has been shared by thousands across the globe through her blog, which reaches over 15,000 inspired folk per month, and platforms such as Cleo Magazine, Tiny Buddha and Nabalo Magazine. Vienda is the creator of the popular 8 week course Manifest More, and has been featured in 3 other books including best-seller Love & Oneness.

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