As I settled in to close my eyes and wrap my pashmina shawl around me, I could feel the visceral sigh of relief in every single one of my cells…..and the tears began to flow.

Tears of pleasure, delight, and the bliss of sinking into presence and allowing myself to be consumed by the stillness, the silence, and the vastness of simply BEING.

My morning meditation is one of the sweetest times of my day and my week, as it truly feels orgasmic to my entire being. No matter how often I do it, there’s a hunger and a thirst for that which no other activity will quench.

It’s a deep hunger that is only fulfilled by the devotion to completely stopping, being, and giving myself permission to go in, and IN, and then IN a little further.

The silence was even more profound and moving this morning. With the doors and windows closed to brace me from the chill in the air, the usual orchestra of singing birds, insects, and dancing leaves that I cherish so much was not flooding in to fill my senses. Instead I was embraced by a thick, pin-drop silence that is rare and precious in today’s world.

Thirty minutes later, feeling deeply nourished, I then savor the delight of opening my eyes to feast upon the light of the rising sun and then put on my shoes for an early morning walk in the woods.

So dear sister, I wonder…..How is your heart, your soul, your being feeling today?

Are you feeling well-nourished these days?  Or are you running on empty, feeling dried up, fatigued, and depleted?

Are you making enough space for ME time to sink into your own soul, to lean back into presence, and honor your feminine spirit who loves and thrives on BEING and who may be overdue for a much-needed break from the rushing, doing, over-scheduled “busyness” of life?

If not, I invite you to explore what nutrition or experiences might feed you at the deepest level as you move into this weekend and transition into a new month.

To support you in this, I’ve decided to include a download that came through during my morning hike. It’s a reflection practice to guide you in discovering what nourishment will best feed whatever may feel in a deficit these days. As we move into a new season, it’s a perfectly ripe time to engage in a process of recalibration.

FYI – it’s a completely unpolished, unedited, spur-of-the moment audio done without any preparation and with a very congested voice as I’m getting over a cold. I could have redone it or chosen not to publicize it for fear that it’s not good enough. But, instead, I decided to simply practice exactly what I share and invite you to do as well in this audio.

I talk about the practice of setting sacred boundaries that I love supporting my clients with, and regularly use myself, which is about saying “No” to one thing as a way to say “Yes” to that which feels more life-enhancing and aligned with the expansion of your soul.

So by sharing this uncut audio, I’m saying “No” to perfectionism, being polished, and letting the fear that you may not like it stop me. And, I’m saying “Yes” to giving myself permission to be fully, spontaneously, and unapologetically myself and trusting that whoever may choose to listen will most certainly receive something precious and meaningful to them at exactly the right time.

Enjoy checking it out!