Highlights of our interview include:

  • Living from a place where you’re so alive present that there’s electricity and sparkle in all that you’re doing
  • Addressing the deeper hunger and yearning that more and more women are experiencing these days
  • Expanding our capacity to be with a broader range of sensation
  • Embodying the true freedom of giving ourselves permission to be 100% ourselves
  • New ways of interacting with desire

How to access more of our erotic expression

More about Candice:

I am dedicated to helping people delve into the taboo places in their lives so that they can find joy and freedom. My style of coaching is boldly honest, yet compassionate and open-minded. I received my coaching and OM trainer certification through OneTaste in 2011 and my yoga teacher certification from Yoga Works in 2005. In 2014, I completed a 9-month tantric journey lead by renowned teacher, Shakti Malan. I am a performer and writer with a focus on eating disorders, sexuality, appetite, desire, bisexuality, relationship and entering womanhood through the lens of orgasmic living. I am a recovering anorexic and use the wisdom I have found on my journey to fuel my passions for film, writing, creative performance, volunteering and travel.


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