Highlights from our interview include:

  • The 3 Core values of the Queen archetype
  • Embodying your mission with uninhibited expression and confidence
  • The importance of coming back home to our bodies
  • Discovering the balancing of masculine and feminine, and
  • Exercising fierce boundaries to avoid the comparison trap that we as women can so easily fall in

More about Ashley:

Women’s leadership coach, professional dancer, yogini, speaker, retreat facilitator and creative muse, Ashley Burnett is dedicated to helping women move through fear, embody their missions, deepen their facilitation skills and speak up for their life’s work with confidence. She’s been teaching and leading groups for over 15 years and running her own business for 13. Ashley has facilitated hundreds of classes, workshops, events and retreats and has led thousands of women from all over the globe in building their businesses and expanding their leadership. She lives in San Francisco Bay Area Wine Country with her husband David, and has the pleasure of running her retreats and workshops at her workshop space on 22 acres of expansive land. Visit www.strongbodylove.com to learn more about her work.


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