I know the experience of comparison well – more than I would like to admit actually.  But I also know that none of us as women is immune to it – even though some of us may visit it more frequently than others. 

It’s a painful, crushing, disparaging place to be for any amount of time, which is why I’m passionate about equipping myself and others with the most potent tools to recover as quickly as possible and even avoid it altogether in the first place!

Having found myself sliding down the slippery slope of comparing just the other day, I thought what better time to track and share a simple process with which to resource yourself next time this almost addictive momentum threatens to hijack you as well.

In this video I share: 

  • the positive intention behind comparison
  • a powerful 3-step process to climb out of the downward spiral
  • the essential step of fierce boundaries
  • the best antidote to recover from the destructive consequences of falling into the comparison trap
  • the quickest way back into your power and radiance

This is for you so you don’t let yourself suffer any longer than you need to.  Leave a comment and let me know how it goes for you or what your favorite remedy is!