Today’s video is still for you even if you’re already ecstatically happy in a relationship, so I invite you to read on if there’s something you’ve been desiring to manifest and call into your life but it continues to elude you or feel way out of reach.

So many of the beautiful women I work with tell me how much they deeply desire that soulful relationship like nothing they’ve ever experienced up until now.

Sometimes they’ve been single for a while focusing on their career, their family, their book launch, or unleveling their lifestyle and devotion to their spiritual connection. Other times, they are navigating the wilderness of dating and weathering the disappointments and challenges of nothing really measuring up to what they know deep in their hearts they both desire and require from partnership.

Either way, they continue to declare how open they’re hearts are and how ready they are to call in the one, not yet fully aware of the REAL reasons their desires aren’t coming to fruition with more ease and flow. It’s these more subtle aspects of our being hiding in the shadows that we MUST excavate in order to truly be available and magnetic to that which we claim we want in any aspect of our life.

And then enjoy watching today’s video in which I share:

  • 2 not so obvious reasons why the relationship of your dreams isn’t manifesting
  • why your actions and how you’re actually showing up may be inconsistent with what you keep saying you desire
  • a powerful journaling or reflection process to give you an immediate breakthrough into greater clarity and flow

I’d love to hear what your most powerful takeaways and aha’s are after you watch, so let me know in the comments below!