While identifying our superpowers is all the rage these days – and a great asset to our sense of empowerment and unapologetic self-expression – identifying it is just the first step.

First of all, what is your superpower? And have you stopped to love, celebrate, and amplify it lately?

My definition of a superpower is a way of being that comes so automatically and effortlessly to you that couldn’t even begin to teach someone how to do it, because it’s simply intrinsic to your unique blueprint.

A superpower can have a light side and a shadow side, depending on how it is used and with what intention. This is the often over-looked secret to making a superpower even more powerful.

An example from my own life is that one of my cherished superpowers is self-discipline and willpower. And, yes, my mother can verify that I was actually born with it. I refused to ever take a bottle and would wait for hours until she returned to nurse me without a single peep of a fuss or complaint, patiently waiting for exactly what I desired without settling for less 😉

While the combination of self-discipline and willpower is an incredibly potent tool, which I’ll explore in a moment, it also has the potential to be highly destructive, detrimental, and painfully debilitating when used unconsciously or dysfunctionally.

Some examples of how this face of it has shown up in my own life are:

  • The deprivation of nourishment and the self- control that led to anorexia as a young teen
  • Over-exercising rather than honoring rest and recovery, which led to adrenal fatigue and amenorrhea
  • Prioritizing productivity over pleasure and play
  • Working to the point of depletion and burnt out, because nothing was ever enough or worthy of pausing to celebrate

And yet, when channeled towards the deepest desire and intention to which you are devoted, a superpower has the gorgeous capacity to amplify the embodiment of your soul’s highest aspiration and expression.

For example, what I love about my superpowers of self-discipline and willpower is that they are the very precursors to the self-mastery and ferocity to choose, determine, and be the creator of my experience in any given moment.

The epitome of self-mastery is harnessing the only one thing you can control – who you are being, how you are thinking and the way you choose to approach everything – rather than trying to change things outside of you in order to feel better.

And this is the ultimate and highest way to leverage self-discipline and willpower!

To what extent are you feeling like the powerful creator of your own experience verses the victim at the mercy of circumstances?

The degree to which you feel victimized, trapped, and powerless, is an indication that you’re probably playing out the shadow side of your one of your superpowers.

So the first step is to ask yourself:

What is one of my superpowers that I haven’t been owning and maximizing lately?

What’s a new way for me to being leveraging that which comes so easily and automatically to me?

The invitation for you this week is to explore how you can begin to consciously amplify your superpower to become the very fuel that catapults you into being the most magnificent embodiment of your soul’s unique mission.

And, I would love to hear what you discover, so feel free to hit “reply” and let me know if you feel inspired or got stuck in this process in any way so I can support you.

To your beautiful, magnificent superpowers!