I speak to so many women who’s default pattern is to assume something is wrong or missing with themselves or their lives when things aren’t going as scheduled, as planned, or expected in the way they hoped. I can absolutely relate to having these thoughts myself at times, which is at the heart of my passion to challenge this insidious trance we fall into that has us missing out on the very life that is right here right now.

To the extent that we are resisting what IS, we are depriving ourselves of the very thing we’re craving.

To the extent that you are in judgement towards yourself or any aspect of your life, you will only cement and entrench further that which you are pushing against and desperately hoping with change, shift, and finally go away.

The invitation is to get curious and explore a different of way of relating to it.

If movement, change, flow, and possibility is what you’re hungry for, look rather not at what needs to change, be fixed, different, or go away, but rather at what needs to be embraced, loved, and listened to with respect and honor.

Once the wisdom of the moment has been received the energy will then be liberated to expand into more of which you’re longing to embody, express, and experience.

Fierce love is the only way through and the most potent rocket fuel for your expansion.

That’s exactly what we’re exploring in this week’s episode, so enjoy listening in!