After traveling for 3 weeks and being offline in retreat for 10 of those days, I am now slowly and gently re-integrating back home. While part of me is extremely reluctant to re-enter the responsibilities of being home and return into the whirl of stimulation and all that comes with being plugged back into the online world, another part of me is undeniably eager to hold space for the new inspiration, creative ideas, and possibilities to emerge from all the replenishment, perspective, and expansion I have been cultivating during my time away.

As painful and heavy as it felt at the time, one of the most pivotal experiences in retreat was confronting yet again the myriad ways in which shame has played a leading role in all the ways I stop myself from living full out and depriving myself of the full range of all the pleasures of embodying my soul and being alive in a feminine body.

While I have already done an immense amount of clearing, releasing, emotional alchemy, and somatic integration around this topic, I was grateful to be confronted with yet another edge at which I was challenged to hold onto the deepest source of my authentic power and truth of my embodied essence.

I say grateful because it is only through the mirror of reflection, as much as it stings sometimes, that we are called into the next level of healing and liberation from all the ways in which we perpetuate our own imprisonment and consequent suffering. So I decided to take it as an invitation to do just that, as I am inviting you to do as well.

What I know to be true is that shame will hold you hostage for as long as you let it. It is only when you are finally able to liberate yourself from judgment and shame into unconditional acceptance, self-celebration, and wisdom, that you are free to turn the next page of your destiny and energetically align for both your inner and outer world to shift and transform into that which you desire to live into.

The the sweet nectar of the fulfillment you desire is available to you now.  BUT…To the degree that you’re holding judgment against any aspect of yourself or your life, it’s impossible for circumstances to evolve into more of what you’re deeply craving.
You have what it takes to create this life you deeply desire and infuse the journey with so much more joy and pleasure along the way. If you’ve been feeling trapped inside yourself and your life for far too long, then I know you’re ready for something different.

This is exactly why I’m so delighted to now be offering for the very first time…

Shame To Self-Mastery Activation Sessions ~ 

 And, because I am committed to taking a stand for the liberation of as many women who are ready to say “YES” to their unlimited freedom and pleasure, I am offering these sessions at a much lower rate than I normally charge.


To support women who know they are capable of so much more than they’re living and are ready to break free from shame, numbness, and mediocrity and begin to re-discover and be deeply nourished by pleasure in all ways, so that they can stop deferring their happiness for later and truly master their fulfillment from the inside out starting today.

This session is a fusion of transformational belief re-patterning work, alignment and mindset work, energetic clearing, and embodiment, all of which allows the healing and transformation to be integrated and sustained going forward.

You may be a good fit for this if:

  • You consistently judge yourself and your life and are convinced it should be different, which has you always striving but never arriving
  • You’re constantly chasing what you believe is missing and living under this pressure to be somewhere else and to become someone else before you’re allowed to feel good about yourself and your life
  • You’re secretly blaming and beating yourself up inside, believing it’s all your fault or that there’s something inherently wrong with you that you’re not living this perfect life that you expected to have by now

You’ll walk away with….

  • A renewed devotion to choosing YOURSELF
  • new level of permission, self-worth, and alignment that allows you to now magnetize and receive more of what you’re desiring to call in and experience more
  • And a freedom to experience outside of and beyond what you’ve been telling yourself was all that was possible for you

What’s included:

  • Pre-Session Reflection Prompts to pave the way for our deep dive together
  • 60 minute 1-1 session over the phone or Skype.
  • Mp3 recording of your session to review and support your integration of our work
  • Post-session reflections to empower you in amplifying and the transformation that will continue working behind the scenes long after your session – as long as you continue to implement and embodying all that gets revealed and discovered
Space is very limited.
You can learn more & reserve a spot HERE.

So, if you’re eager to accelerate your liberation and say “YES” to your unlimited pleasure, freedom, and fulfillment starting from the inside out, I look forward to supporting you and hope you will give yourself the gift of one of these 1-1 sessions.



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