After recently returning from 3 days of traveling and ten days of being offline in retreat, I have been sinking into the various waves of integration and enjoying exploring all the various ways to both minimize the post-vacation crash along with sustaining the richness and glow of the best parts of retreating from our every day life.

As much as I have loved returning home, getting back to my regular workouts, catching up with friends and family, feasting on all the foods I thrive on, savoring the comfort of my own bed, enjoying my full wardrobe instead of a suitcase, and taking in all the beauty that is within and around my home that I might otherwise take for granted…there’s also the challenge of how to sustain the sense of spaciousness perspective and alignment and presence with my inner world and simplicity in the face of the hustle and momentum of normal life

So, in today’s episode, I’m exploring the simplest practices to sustain the post-retreat / post-vacation bliss in the most graceful, empowering, life-enhancing way.

In it, I talk about:

  • The most effective way to avoid getting sucked into and consumed by the mundane details of merely getting through the day and managing life
  • How to infuse your experience with who it is you aspire to be
  • One of my favorite and most powerful questions for getting turned on, lit up, and re-inspired back into the blueprint of your destiny that is uniquely yours to dance. 
  • Simple ways to prioritize what sets you up to flourish
  • Practical ways to cultivate more spaciousness and feed the feminine within your everyday life
  • And lots more juicy goodness

Enjoy listening!

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