I’m going to share with you an experience I recently had in which I found myself out of alignment and then tell you what I did to come back into alignment and make a different choice from there, so that you can apply it to yourself in your own life.

Just last week, I announced and opened the doors to a brand new 4-week experience that I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and been so eager to share.  However, in my enthusiasm and excitement to move forward and begin welcoming in the women who are meant to be there, I ended up bypassing my very own intention for, not only the promotion and launch period, but for the entire experience from idea and all the way throughout the creation, promotion, delivery, and beyond; joy, ease, and graceful alignment.

As I felt the push-pull of anxiety, pressure, and frustration starting to creep in, I knew there was more to be discovered that would allow even more joy, ease, and alignment. So what did I do?

I gave myself permission to step back, let go, and leave it alone, while I dropped back inside for guidance around what needed to shift within me and what wanted to happen differently.

After a couple of days of not doing much of anything in my business, I remembered my very own “go-to” question I had been forgetting to check in with…

“What would feel good to do?”

The answer that came was to simply share with you one of the things I love most about the work I do and the inspiration behind creating this program.

I love to hold space for a woman’s desire.

Her desire for depth, meaning, and the total confidence to be more freely expressed without a care for others’ opinions…

Her desire for more richness, the bliss of expanding into more of who she knows she’s here to become, the deep intimacy of epic love and divine partnership…

Her desire to live as her FULL self and make decisions based on her authentic truth…

Her desire to be turned on by life again and easily access pure delight and happiness for no reason…

Her desire to derive her sense of Self and wholeness from within, so she’s forever liberated from waiting for another to make her feel the way she desires to feel or to validate her worth, attractiveness, desirability, and lovability…

Her desire to feel more alive, sensual in her skin, sexually expressed, effortlessly radiant, in love with herself, and easier access to pleasure in all ways….

Your desire is where it’s at.

There’s so much more within a desire than merely arriving at the outcome, acquiring its realization, and reaching the destination.

Your desire is the GPS of your soul and the spark that fuels your capacity to embody that woman you’ve always aspired to be and that you know lives deep within you.

When we want more out of life, what we’re really craving is more of ourselves.

I will be offering what is going to be an amazing 4-week immersion in October that I’m even more excited to share with you,  AND I will start promoting it again next week.

But, for now, I am simply holding space for my own desires and returning to my own practices to nurture my intention for the experience, which is all about maximizing  joy, ease, and alignment.

In the very first module, I’ll be teaching YOU how to reclaim possibility, own your desires, and hold space for them in a way that – not only allows you to navigate through the fear and resistance that have left you stuck and discouraged in the past – but that also allows you to harness their potential to elevate your life into the next level of profound purpose and deep satisfaction.

What can you do right away today, you might be wondering?

Simply hold space for your desire…

And then, comment below or email me directly at salona@salonacarlisle.com and let me know how it feels to do so along with any challenges that may arise in that process.

I can’t wait to hear what you discover!



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