Today, I’m going to continue where I left off in my last episode and tell you the essential next step after holding space for our desires and share with you even more that I love about the work I do.

In my last email, I talked about the power of desire and shared with you one of the things I love most about the work I do and the inspiration behind creating my and upcoming new 4-week deep dive immersion.

I love to hold space for a woman’s desire.


Because your desire is the GPS of your soul and the source that sparks and fuels your capacity to embody the woman you’ve always aspired to be and you know lives within you

I also love to hold in infinitely vast, unconditionally loving and safe space for her to enter into, where all of her is welcome, along with even more that she didn’t even know was there.

And then meeting her exactly where she’s at, which may be…

  • Holding herself back and feeling clueless about what she deeply truly desire and which direction to take in their lives
  • Trapped in shame and isolation, feeling unworthy of feeling good
  • Lacking confidence, inspiration and purpose
  • Feeling numb, disconnected, and shut down in her sensual and sexual expression
  • Feeling a heart that is armored, guarded, and closed to deeper love
  • Feeling undernourished and hungry for something that she can’t quite grasp but she know is possible
  • Feeling unable to figure out how to move forward despite her sincere efforts and ambitious dreams

I also love reminding her that what she’s missing and desperately seeking is not “out there”.

What she’s truly seeking is the spark of her aliveness and the radiance of the woman she’s always known is in there who’s been dying to finally emerge.

And igniting and holding space for that emergence is my passion and the work I live to do

The first step in this process of emergence – and to bridging the gap between where you are and where you desire to be – is to stop blaming yourself for not having arrived at the destination you define as a success. And, stop judging yourself for all the ways in which you aren’t being, doing, expressing, accomplishing enough and getting it right – thinking it should be different.

To the degree that you’re holding judgment against any aspect of yourself or your life, it’s impossible for circumstances to evolve into what you’re desiring, hoping for, and chasing after.

You can’t judge or make wrong or shame your way into more love, joy, freedom, abundance, peace, or whatever it is you’re seeking.

I will be offering a pilot of my brand new 4-week deep dive in October. And, in module #2, I’ll be walking you through the most powerful practices I know to transform and move beyond the # 1 – and often hidden – obstruction to you receiving more fulfillment in your life and all that you’ve been desiring.

Being able to emerge into the woman you desire to be requires that you free up your life force from all the ways it’s been held hostage, so you can move beyond the struggle and self-imposed prison and, instead, embody radical self-possession to propel your life forward with so much more ease and delight.

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