One of the things I’m always cultivating and refining is my capacity and receptivity to hear, honor, and respond to my intuition whenever it nudges me towards the most joy-based, pleasure-inducing actions.

Without a doubt, the downloads always drop in whenever I’m actively engaging my body – whether that be in a spin or pilates class, taking a rigorous hike, walking on the beach, snowshoeing, or letting my body be danced and moved by a sultry song.

And, I’m so delighted to share what emerged in a recent download, which is all for YOU and your BELOVED SELF.

Loving ourselves without conditions is one of the bravest things we can do, because it means accepting ourselves just as we are without anything needing to change or be improved in all they ways we’ve gone our whole lives believing was necessary in order to be loved.

We’ve accumulated so many ideas and continue to be bombarded by more each and every day about how we can become better than we are by improving our bodies, our mindset, our emotional world, our spiritual path, and our overall approach to life and living.

Many of us stepped onto the self-help treadmill at a very young age. Once we’re on it, it can become so seductive – even addictive at times – especially for that part of us who is convinced she isn’t enough and who is desperately searching for the next practice, that new technique, a breakthrough moment, the quantum leap that has yet to come, the ritual, ceremony, meditation, affirmation, or diet.

Essentially, we’re seeking far and wide for that magic bullet that will change everything and will finally push us over the edge into the elusive realm of “enoughness”, where we can finally take a deep sigh of relief and bask in our “arrival”.

We long for that existential exhale of being able to rest in our lovability and take refuge in our inherent worthiness without needing to seek or strive any longer.

I remember preparing to head off for a week-long intensive personal development workshop back in my mid-twenties. I had been journaling about my desires, hopes, and intentions for the upcoming experience and was sharing with my housemate all the ways in which I wanted to be totally transformed, changed, cleansed, and reformed and return home as a completely new woman who would embody all these new and improved qualities.

His response?

“Just come back being more of yourself and loving yourself exactly as you are…”

Enough said.

So I’ve decided to declare February as the month of SELF-LOVE.


Because….It’s an essential nutrient to every woman’s capacity to thrive, to feel successful on her own terms, to experience the ecstatic pleasures of being alive in a feminine body, and to liberate and embody that unspeakably precious potential living within.

It is the most potent and direct route to improving anything and everything in your life. Yes, I know. I just contradicted myself, since the goal isn’t so much about improving as much as it is about loving, which will inevitably impact every area of your life.

Every Wednesday during the month of February, I’ll be sharing a new pillar of self-love along with that week’s daily practice, reflections, and integration tips. I’ve selected four of my favorite pillars that I believe will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time.

We’re going to be getting sexy and soulful, and I’m so excited to get started!

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