Every Wednesday during the month of February, I’m sharing a new pillar of self-love along with a daily practice for the week, reflections, and integration tips. I’ve selected four of my favorite pillars that I believe will have the biggest impact in the shortest amount of time on all areas of your life.

Our SELF-LOVE series continues with this week’s episode in which I’m talking about the #1 practice and 180* shift that will allow you to truly embody unshakable self-love in every moment regardless of circumstances.

It’s a short yet potent one that I hope you’ll gift yourself the time to listen to. In it, I share:

  • The trap we can fall into when we’re on the path of self-improvement and spiritual evolution
  • The real source of the pain, suffering, emptiness, and deficiency you feel
  • The most holistic integrated path to healing
  • The #1 practice to embodying unshakable self-love no matter what
  • Simple and powerful ways to open your heart to yourself and to the preciousness of life

We’re halfway through this month’s SELF-LOVE SERIES, so please feel free to reach out with any challenges, questions, or desires you have on this topic. I’d be honored to support you and include it in one of our upcoming trainings!

I hope you’ll come play with us in the realm of self-love mastery this month!  Join us in The Integrated Woman FB group HERE


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